Rapid Thermal Process Accuthermo AW 410

Rapid Thermal Process Accuthermo AW 410

Rapid Thermal Process Accuthermo AW410

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The AccuThermo AW410 is a manual desktop atmospheric rapid thermal processing (RTP) system for 2 to 4 inch wafers, which uses high intensity visible radiation to heat single wafers for short process periods of time at precisely controlled temperatures. The process periods are typically 1-600 seconds in duration, although periods of up to 9999 seconds can be selected. These capabilities, combined with the heating chamber's cold-wall design and superior heating uniformity, provide significant advantages over conventional furnace processing.The AccuThermo RTP system consists of an oven unit and a controller computer running the Advanced Allwin21 AW-900 controller software. The wafer to be processed is placed on a quartz tray that slides into a quartz isolation tube in the oven unit. Two banks of lamps, one above the quartz tube and one below it, provide the source of energy for heating the wafer. The lamps can be controlled manually and automatically from the controller computer.
The AW-900 control software allows full control and diagnostics of the AccuThermo RTP system. In addition, it allows the creation of recipes for automated control of the temperature and, optionally, process gas flow. The control software uses a set of operating instructions known as recipes to automatically control the AccuThermo RTP system. These recipes are created by the Process Engineer to monitor and control the parameters of the processing cycle. The Operator then uses the software to select and run the process parameters (steady state temperature, process time, ramp rates, etc.). The AW-900 software is also used to create, delete, copy, modify and store the recipes and to execute system diagnostics.